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Welcome To Eliwebs  



Welcome to eliwebs


 NEWS!:  A new awesome game is coming to eliwebs.webs.com.  this game is nothing like the others.  there will be awesome graphics and weapons.  and you know how in call of duty when you knife something it leaves a streak on the wall? or how you shoot a bottle and it breaks a certain way? well it'l be like that.  but probably no blood because i'm not a fan of really gory games. maybe i'l add a little i don't know yet.  anyway it will be like world of Warcraft and COD and a bunch of other games but better!  it will be a wile until its out because iv barley started it.  this message has also been copied to our Facebook page.  if your reading this from our Facebook page then know that its also been copied to our eliwebs homepage.

PS. our website really needs a news page lol.  the hompage is really cluttered and i just deleted stuff from it. XD 


We are seeking a new logo for our home page please submit them in our pictures page and vote on the voting page! 




More news: new games released and prized for winning them for members!  sign up today its fast easy and free



 !!!update!!! the Facebook eliwebs is mine but no the Roblox

!!!!!Thanks to every 1 for your views we finally  made it on Google!!!!!!!>>

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if you plan on purchasing duct tape merchandise please contact:  Chikennoodle@hotmail.com 



so far we have 19 new visitors that came here because of their friends.  that 19 more prizes given. be the 20th

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