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lego starwars the complete saga Wii

Posted on April 3, 2011 at 8:56 PM

im pritty sure it will work 4 others like xbox and ps3



Effect Password

Adi Mundi MUN486

 Admiral Ackbar    ACK646 

Battle Droid (commander) KPF958

Boba Fett GGF539

Boss Nass HHY697

Captain Tarpals QRN714

Count Dooku DDD748

Darth Maul EUK421

Disguise BRJ437

Droid Tri-Fighter AAB123

Ewok EWK785

Force Grapple Leap CLZ738

General Grevious PMN576

Greedo ZZR636

Imperial Guard GUA850

Imperial Shuttle HUT845

Luminara LUM521

Padme  VBJ322

r2-q5 droid EVILR2

Taun We PRX482

Tie Interceptor INT729

Unlock Stormtrooper NBN431

Unlocks IG88 GIJ989

Unlocks Jango Fett KLJ897

Unlocks Tiefighter. DBH897

Unlocks Vulture Droid BDC866

Watto PLL967

Zam Wesell 584HJF

Boat on land go to newtown in the bonus aria (6#)  if you pust the block into the water you willl be able to drive it in the water.

get a car a drive it under boat.

boat will fly.

drive boat on land because it can flote now.


Zam's Speeder UUU875

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